New Weapons ideas!!

I know there is a new update that has a new gun and new maps. But i have a ist of weapons idea that i wish to be in this game:

MTAR,TommyGun,Sword,Double Barrel Shotgun,Grenade Launcher,CrossBow,Rail Gun,Hammer,Tec-9,LSAT,Power Rifle,Plasma Rifle,Laser pistol,Laser Sniper Rifle,Steampunk gun,Pistol (as in regualar 9mm, which is kinda useless though XD),Golden Magnum,Golden Uzi,Golden M14,AUG,Sci-fi gun.

I know this might be bad or random ideas, but i will atleat make the game more fun,and exciting. And some weapons shouod be exclusive to maps, such as the Sci-Fi gun.

G Day Everyone :D