Summary Edit

  • You can access custom matches by clicking Multiplayer>Custom. Then you select a server.
  • You can host a custom match and choose the map, time (3:00-15:00) and number of players (2-8)
  • You still get EXP and Battle Points from custom matches.
  • If you want a private match, you can set a password for your custom game.
  • You cannot join a custom match during the game. You must wait for the game to finish before you join the lobby.
  • You can "boot" (kick but not ban) or ban someone from a custom game lobby if you are the host.
  • You can boot anyone except yourself during the game if you are the host.
  • You can also play 3 maps that don't exist in quick play: Suspension, Cliffhanger, and Crossifre.

Trivia Edit

If pros join a custom server full of noobs, the host is likely to ban the pro. Many pros find this annoying.