Recently, a group of users has been trying to mass-vandalize this wiki by posting innapropriate pictures on the pages. Unfortunately for them:

Good contributors greatly outnumber vandals on this wiki, and anyone can help stop these culprits, even YOU.

How can you help?

Depending on what kind of user you are, you can help at different levels:

  • Wikia Contributors (Anons): Your task is to edit back any vandalised pages by pressing the "edit:History" button and reverting the vandal's edit. You can also promtly report the user to any of our Admins.
    Update: Anonymous users are no longer allowed to edit this wiki pursuant to Wikia's compliance with the Children's Online Protection and Privacy Act.
  • Registered Users: Your task is the same as the Anons; however, there is an additional task you can perform: In the case of an innapropriate picture that is being mass-posted by a vandal, since you yourselves cannot delete it outright, click on the file in "New Files" and upload another image (it can be anything that is not innapropriate) with the EXACT same name. That will effectually "cover up" the innapropriate photo until it is deleted by a staff member.
  • Rollbacks: Go to the user's contributions and start rolling back all of their offensive edits!
  • Admins: First, quickly delete the offensive picture, regardless of whether it has been replaced or not. Then, ban the vandal, and help on the cleanup effort.

This system will help the entire community help remove all traces of the offensive user within minutes. Vandals, if you are out there: you do not stand a CHANCE.