Summary Edit

There are 6 game modes in DA2. They are quick play, deathmatch, survival co-op, custom matches, training, and survival. Training and survival do not need an Internet connection.

Quick Play Edit

Players are connected to a random lobby of up to 6 players. Each player can vote for one of three random maps, and the map with the most votes will be used as the battlefield. Players can also leave the lobby, chat, team up, and view stats from their previous match before they press 'ready'. After a certain period of time, the game will auto start even if some players are not ready. The player with the highest score will get an extra 5 EXP as an MVP award.

Deathmatch Edit

Players can host a deathmatch, and other players can join. The lobby works identically to quick play, but the host can choose a map to play on. The player with the highest score wins. Skill can be gained or lost in this game mode.

Survival Co-op Edit

Players can host a survival co-op match, where 2 players on the same team battle against the robots in Survival. The other player replaces Sarge, and the 4 lives are split between the two players, making it possible to troll your teammate by repeatedly suiciding and ending the game. The player who lands the last hit will get the kill, and points are not deducted for deaths. Skill is not gained or lost.

Custom Matches Edit

Players can host a game of up to 8 players and lasting from 3 minutes to 15 minutes.The player can set a password for thier custom game if he/she wants to create a private room. You cannot join a custom match during the game. You must wait for the game to finish before you join the lobby. You can "boot" (kick but not ban) or ban someone from a game in the lobby, but only boot during the game if you are the host. Skill can be gained or lost.

Survival Edit

A player and sarge fight against Mecha-Doodle's robot units. It is possible to dump Sarge so he can't steal your kills. Skill is not gained or lost, and you can play this without an Internet connection.

Training Edit

Sarge teaches the player the basics of the game, such as moving, aiming and firing, use of grenades, melee attacks, and rocket boots. Even if you throw grenades straight down at your feet, you will not die.