Summary Edit

When thrown, makes a small, circular, green cloud that lasts for about 15 seconds. Damages anyone in the vicinity of it. Damage is strongest in the center of the cloud. You can use a flamethrower to clear out the gas.


  • Use it at your spawn points - other players might spawn there too, you can get a very easy kill, but make sure you don't spawn there. Spawn killing is a strategy disliked by most, and you are not likely to get a kill, as the cloud disappears after 15-20 seconds. THIS NO LONGER WORKS!
  • Use it if you think the opponent is low on rocket fuel to corner them.
  • Use in a tight passage after a drop, they might not suspect and fall through it, resulting in significant damage. Be wise: sometimes fragmentation grenades are better in some situations, as they kill immediately when they set off.
  • They are useless against robots in survival mode.
  • If you see a powerful gun but you cannot/don't want to pick it up, throw a gas grenade on the gun so nobody can pick it up. Most of the time the gun will disappear before the gas cloud dissipates.

Defending againstEdit

If you are confident and have full health, try to go through it at full velocity using melee as a boost, and avoiding the center if possible.