Fire rateslow (about one shot per second)
Reload timeAverage (couple of seconds)
Dual wieldingYes
Damagemedium to high (3 shots in default matches)
Effected by perksYes -
  • "Increase Accuracy" (+ 20% accuracy)
  • "Laser Sight" (adds a laser sight)
  • "Faster Reload" (- 30% reload time)
  • Pistol scope - increase zoom to 4
Max Zoom3x
Pro Pack neededNo
Rounds per clip6
Default backup rounds36
Max rounds36


The Magnum is one of the default weapons in the game, so the player doesn't need to buy the Pro Pack to use this weapon. The Magnum, or .44 Magnum, is a semi-automatic handgun, so its firing rate is very slow. The Magnum shots approximately 1 bullet per second, while it can just hold 6 rounds.

Like the Uzi, the Magnum is one of the starting weapons in singleplayer and multiplayer matches as well.




If the player purchases the Pro Pack he will be able to play with one Magnum and another handgun at the same time, so he can play with the Dual Wield feature.

Plus to the 6 bullets, the weapon already holds you got 36 backup rounds. The maximum zoom with the Magnum is 3x. While the firing rate is pretty slow one of this gun deals a more or less high amount of damage. 3 (in some cases up to 5) hits are enough to get your opponent down.




**Not available yet**