• This weapon can only be used in combo with an handheld weapon (such as Uzi or Machete).
  • It will protect its user from most enemy bullets if the shield is pointed towards the attacker.
  • Ineffective against flamethrowers, rockets, grenades and melee.



You can use it to defend yourself if you are low on health or when you are looking for a better weapons. Shield and machete is an effective combo.

Defending againstEdit

  • Lure the victim to your teammates to make his shield useless and shoot at them when the shield is not pointed towards you.
  • Use a flamethrower, RPG, machete (or several melee attacks), or any well placed grenade. The shield is useless against these.


Riot Shield/Gallery


  • Using the shield in combat is sometimes frowned upon by more experienced players.

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