Fire rateSlow
Reload timeHigh
Dual wieldingNO
DamageHigh (Area damage)
Effected by perksNo
Max Zoom6x
Pro Pack neededYes
Rounds per clip3
Default backup rounds6
Max rounds6

Summary Edit

  • Another good weapon for killing enemies from far away.
  • The rockets fly slowly, and the reload time is the slowest of all weapons.
  • Has 3 rockets in the clip and a maximum of 6.





Try to stay as far as you can from the target as the blast may kill you, but calculate your shot while keeping in mind the speed of the rocket itself, which is very slow. If you're reloading, switch to your second weapon until you are in cover.

Defending againstEdit

Try to dodge the rockets. After the third shot, the opponent will be reloading. Try to apprehend them at that moment. If you're at close range, kill them instantly with a machete/shotgun. If you have a slow connection you may want to stay in cover until they come to you, or if you do engage, use extreme caution.




  • Since its shots are splash-type, you are going to die instantly if its shots explode near you so beware.
  • Taking a direct hit from a rocket will still kill you even if you crouch.
  • There is a limit to how far the rocket can travel, and the rocket explodes if it reaches that limit without hitting anything. (proven on the Cliffhanger map)
  • If you are experiencing lag, you can still die to a rocket even if it doesn’t appear to hit you.

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