On which calculation i get 44 skills

Summary Edit

Skill is the measure of how good a player is at the game. It is a whole number between 0 and 99, shown next to your rank, with 0 being the lowest. Skill often correlates with rank, as players get better the longer they play the game.

Formula Edit

Skill=25(lifetime kills/lifetime deaths)

Example: a player gains 2 kills but dies 8 times in their first match. Their skill after that match is 25(2/8)=6 (skill is always a whole number)

Example 2: a player gets 8 kills and dies once in their first match. Their skill after the match is 25(8/1)=99 (skill is capped at 99)

Example 3: A player with 25lifetime kills and 10 lifetime deaths gets 5 kills but dies 10 times during a match. The new skill is 25[(25+5)/(10+5)]=25(30/15)=50

Trivia Edit

  • Before, skill was based on the skill of the people you played against. This meant Commanders in Chief had a low skill because they played against newbies.
  • Now, it is very hard to drop skill if you are a high rank.