Players start out with a Magnum and a pistol. Rarely, they will start out with a Uzi . The Uzi holds 40 bullets and you have 250 extra ammo to reload with 3X aim. The Magnum is a 6 shot revolver that has 36 extra bullets. 3X aim. The Desert Eagle holds 15 bullets and has 50 reloading ones, 2X aim. As of an update, players can now buy a silenced golden Desert Eagle with 250 BP. The damage is the same as a normal Desert Eagle, but the zoom is changed to 3X.

Plus to the cartridge-based weapons the player will spawn with 3 standard Grenades. This amount, as well as the type of grenades the player will hold can be enlarged/changed with perks, such as "Grenade +1" which allows you to carry one more normal grenade and "Gas Grenade", which will add a Gas Grenade to your starting weapons.