What Is Suiciding?Edit

Suiciding is when you accidentally or deliberately kill yourself.

Possible WaysEdit

There are many ways to commit suicide. Those include:

  • Shooting yourself with RPG
  • Chucking grenades at your feet and not noticing
  • Suffocating in your own gas cloud (most people don't spawn kill with gas)
  • Not noticing your proxy mine and setting it off
  • Aiming a saw gun at a wall and it rebounds and hits you
  • Not using flamethrower properly
  • Falling so low that you die

What Happens?Edit

The chat will say "YOU COMMITTED SUICIDE" in red.


With each suicide, accidental or deliberate, will make you lose EXP and battle points. Only applies when you killed someone else e.g. you kill someone but suicide 3 times. You will get 10 EXP and 0 battle points. Note that you can't earn less than 10 EXP unless you lose connection in the middle of a game.