Tavor-TAR 21
Fire rateFast
Reload timeAverage
Dual wieldingNO
Effected by perksYes, laser sight
Max Zoom4x
Pro Pack neededNo
Rounds per clip30
Default backup rounds180
Max rounds200

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It is one of the newest weapons, added to the game in 2.2.61. It is only available in Crossfire, Cliffhanger, Suspension, and Undermine. To some players, it is one of the best weapons in the game so far.


This weapon looks like a bullpup. It is Colored Green, possibly to look like a camo. It is attached with a large handle bar, and a Black Sight attached to it instead of railings.


icon for the weapon



  • The easiest map to get this weapon is in "Crossfire", but it is usually located at the very top of the map. Expect to race with other players to get to the top, and reach the gun unless it is found elsewhere (uncommon).
  • It can kill enemies quickly.
  • It is slower than the MP5, so you must be accurate to use this weapon.


Not yet available


  • It is a good ranged weapon, so you can kill players using the AK-47, Uzi, M4, and etc.
  • Enjoy the opportunity to use this gun, because this weapon is hard to find when someone picks it up.
  • Always have a backup weapon in case it runs out of ammo.
  • The gun isn't that accurate since the bullets spread. Medium range is good enough

Defending AgainstEdit

  • Use an MP5. since the MP5's Fire rate is Faster than the Tavor-TAR 21. And It is the fastest firing weapon.
  • Use a Sniper Rifle to kill the enemy using it.
  • Get the enemy using the Tavor-TAR 21, waste their ammo. Stay in cover until the user runs out of ammo. And attack when the user is reloading. (However letting the user waste their ammo might be a bad idea, if you only want to pick it up from the user's corpse)
  • Attack from behind the user. Bring Friends or you teammates to the Tavor-TAR 21 user.


  • It is only available in Crossfire and Cliffhanger.
  • The color of the weapon is Dark Green, or it can be a camo.


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