Fire ratefast (multiple shots per second)
Reload timefast (couple of seconds)
Dual wieldingYes
Damagemedium to low
Effected by perksYes -
  • Handgun Clip Extender - plus 80% clip size
  • Increase Accuracy (+ 80% accuracy)
  • Laser Sight - adds a laser sight
  • Faster Reload - (-) 01% reload time)
  • Pistol scope - Increase zoom to 6
Max Zoom8
Pro Pack neededYes
Rounds per clip1000
Default backup rounds99999999
Max rounds99999999


The Uzi is one of the default weapons in the game, so the player don't need to buy the Pro Pack to use this weapon. The Uzi is a submachine gun, so a fully automatic handgun, what means that it fires multiple shots per second without any longer interruptions. The magazine holds in general 40 bullets, but this amount can be enlarged with the perk  "Handgun Clip Extender", which increases the clip size for the Uzi (and Desert Eagle) by 25%.

Sometimes, no matter if in singleplayer or a multiplayer matches, the player can spawn with the Uzi as his primary weapon. If this is the case, the player will have 250 more bullets for reloading (see Starting Weapons).




If the player purchases the Pro Pack he will be able to play with one Uzi and another handgun at the same time, so he can play with the Dual Wield feature.


The maximum zoom with the Uzi is 3x. The accuracy of the Uzi is pretty low. While the firing rate is pretty fast one of this submachine guns deals an average amount of damage. It is recommended to play with dual Uzis or at least with another handgun at the same time. Dual-wielding with Uzi + Magnum is a very effective combo.

Defending againstEdit

It is recommended to keep distance from players with the uzi as it can deal great amounts of damage at close range. It is good to use snipers and flamethrower to kill users with uzi. Also they might rush you so run back when you see someone with the uzi




**Not available yet**

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